Alexandria: (Falco 19)


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  • When i opened it again i saw spread out, as it were before me, treasures of every kind and without number.

    Alexandria Marcus Didius Falco 19 Lindsey Davis

    Except for the initial bit of meddling that got him busted-for which he did apologize-he was pouter than we. Through the stillness he felt her presence.

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    Preview — Alexandria by Lindsey Davis. All in all, it was quite an entertaining read and it was what I needed to save me from my reading slump. This is an interesting thriller in a historical, sometimes mythical setting that is both entetaining and edifying Marcus both desires to solve this mystery and at the same time doesn't want the clues that he uncovers as they point back at his family and friends. Still a great read, especially for those of us who work in libraries and can get vicarious laughs at the all too familiar trials and tribulations of librarians working at the Library of Alexandria. Expect a humorous review of academic life amidst the usual murders and family complications.

    Her gaze slipped to duncan.