Fighting For Sanity

They were clearly in and out of the house in a matter of minutes, climbing in through the front window, probably while I was in the kitchen or garden. That all went out the window. I feel more traumatised by the insurance and the police inaction. Buying items this week consisted of transferring money to whichever of my children was available and using their debit card. Confusing and it will take me a while to untangle, but all is well and sorted. I also had a supermarket delivery this week, something I usually do and this time, and I am not one for objectifying but, I had the sexiest delivery guy I have had in many a year.

That also put I smile on my face and he too knocked a few pounds off the charge for no particular reason. So there are nice people out there.

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Find inspiration in this first-person account of a lifelong journey with mental illness. Fighting for Sanity: John Ruskin (–). After recovering from a psychotic break, English critic John Ruskin was determined to remain.

All the while 2son remained glued to his computer in his corner, laughing at suggestions he should help or contribute in any way. This is now just about done, although I have estimated three months to get rid of the bin bags stuffed full of polystyrene that accompanied the bed. However it was nice family time other than 3son who has no interest in board or RP games and it was worth setting aside.

I need to get back to doing some work and to doing all the reading and other preparation for starting course in September. I felt extravagant about spending so much on two new beds but as I said, it will be the first time ever they have new beds, and since they are double and small double, they will last a good while.

Fighting for Sanity with Sen. Chris Murphy and Lauren Underwood

On top of all that, 3son has started his apprenticeship and is loving every single day, coming home and spending an hour enthusiastically telling me how brilliant it all is. Although exhausting it does feel really good to have made such positive change to the house. All of this will necessitate re-organising furniture in bedrooms and performing a three-way desk swap.

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And the temperature is going back up so doing any of that is going to be fun, fun, fun in the sun. However one set of bunk beds we got shortly after we moved in here 16 years ago, passed on by a friend who also had 4 boys. So 4son who has the largest bedroom in the house that all four used to share, and now only has to share with 2son in the holidays now gets a triple sleeper, which is a single on top of a double, as well as a reasonable mattress. I have got enough to do and wanted space to do nothing but that seems to have gone.

It is amazing what a drop in temperature does. I think I only woke up once last night and managed to get some proper work done this morning that desperately needed doing.

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Yesterday afternoon 2son tried to teach me a game and I really struggled to make any sense of it as I was tired from the day and the heat. I managed half an hour before I had to go out for the evening. I have done some work which felt good and it got me to thinking about work. I had three nasty things on my mind this summer: I need to get my head round it, accept that I need to do it and get on with it.

This is possibly the hottest day since the last hottest day. But it was all right as there would be a thunderstorm at the end of it which would hopefully cool things down.

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There were about two claps of thunder and ten rain drops. A few hours later there were another ten. Then we had a good five minutes of rain. This did not make up for the month or so without any.

This summer is clearly different and it is affecting all of Europe. Not that climate deniers will learn from this. It is certainly bizarre being in England and knowing that it will still be hot tomorrow.

Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, but still hot. I was feeling slightly concerned about direction but sort of assumed they knew where they were going and we ended up back at the main road with a fence topped with barbed wire in the way. I was going to walk alongside it but they decided to help me over. I now have cuts on the back of my legs that are not nice. Tags anxiety , confidence , jobs , money. Tags benefits , budget , council tax , finance , housing benefit , loss , money. Tags compassion , empathy , ethics , humanism , questioning. Tags 2son , 3son , 4son , achievements , headspace , holiday , progress , sons , summer.

Tags anti-depressants , insurance , nice people , police , theft , trauma. Tags house , painting , redecorating. So there goes my ten minute daily posts. No disaster fell, merely a paint job. Giorgos rated it it was ok May 02, Van De Vanter rated it did not like it Feb 14, Marisa rated it really liked it Apr 17, Tanya rated it really liked it Jun 28, Caroline rated it liked it Apr 21, Cherry rated it really liked it Jun 01, April rated it it was amazing May 26, Fluttrbs rated it really liked it Jun 13, Naja rated it liked it Mar 25, Jean rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Rebecca rated it really liked it Sep 01, Danielle H Chase rated it liked it Jan 19, Karen Smith rated it really liked it Aug 01, Lily rated it really liked it Sep 20, Wicked rated it liked it Apr 20, Jazz rated it liked it Apr 06, Sue rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Margaret Mchugh rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Liza Wiegand rated it liked it Apr 04, Annie rated it liked it Mar 30, Bastet rated it liked it Aug 02, Stacey rated it really liked it Aug 16, Laerke rated it liked it Dec 18, It had seemed like a lifetime since he'd last heard her sing.

Her voice had change, no doubt.

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It was better if you could believe it. Every note was pure and sweet and somewhat melancholy.

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Not only had her voice changed, but she had too. It was all too easy for him to tell. She was much more passive, more reclusive. She wasn't the once cheerful girl he'd seen grown up.

Fighting for Sanity Chapter 1: Prologue, a gorillaz fanfic | FanFiction

She'd smile and laugh a bit whenever small talk would arise. But to him, it was clear that a wall had been built. He tried to convince himself that the wall was simply there because they'd been apart for so long; eventually, that wall would disappear as they got to know each other again. It was futile though; he knew deep down that it was much more than that. He didn't know what happened over all those years she was gone. After time, he had to assume she was dead. And that killed him inside.

When he found her afloat that tiny, yellow raft, his heart almost burst. He had so many questions. But she would refuse to answer any. It pained him that she wouldn't open up to him. And she left the conversation at that. He wouldn't press on; he knew it would go nowhere.

When she was ready to talk, she would; and he would be there to listen to every word. The red sun beat down on the two.