Managing Sticky Situations at Work: Communication Secrets for Success in the Workplace

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This is a natural defensive reaction. Do not take it personally.

Assertiveness Scenarios in the workplace - How to be more assertive with tasks

Listen and move forward. Sometimes as managers, we forget that we are dealing with adults.

Adults make adult-like decisions. By that I mean they do not act without thinking. They thought it out and acted knowing they may have to face consequences.

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We do understand right from wrong. If we treat the person like a child, we belittle them and take away their dignity. Instead, we must give them the benefit of the doubt and show a willingness to listen to their side of the story, no matter what they did. I had a client who was a psychiatrist.

He had a trusted office manager. After he retired, he learned that this trusted office manager had stolen money from him. She skimmed off the uncollectable funds that could not be traced.

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My client was shocked. She justified her behavior.

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My client listened to her side of the story and showed empathy. By doing that, he worked out a mutually acceptable solution. She paid him back every cent, and he agreed not to report her behavior to the authorities.

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In the book I talk a lot about the different personality styles we all run into. We cannot expect everyone to react to situations the same way. If you apply my version of the Golden Rule: Ask yourself what kind of person am I dealing with? What are their needs and wants? The most valuable gift you can give anyone is hearing what they have to say. Subjects Communication in management. Summary This title is a practical guide for the millions of men and women who may find themselves dealing with difficult or problematic situations in the workplace.

Contents The say it just right tm model Personality overlay Sticky situations with your boss Sticky situations with co-workers Sticky situations with clients Sticky situations with subordinates Sticky situations in meetings Sticky romantic situations in the office Sticky interview situations Sticky etiquette situations Sticky e-situations Sticky situations on the homefront.

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Six Tips to Manage Sticky Situations at Work

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