YOU HAVE LIVED BEFORE, How Kinesiology Can Reveal Your Past Lives . . . And More!

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When this happens, it is important that we learn the lessons associated with these traumas and release them so that we can avoid repeating patterns that are not conducive to our spiritual growth. Past life traumas can be activated in a variety of ways.

"YOU HAVE LIVED BEFORE", How Kinesiology Can Reveal Your Past Lives And More! - Kindle edition by Carolyn Palthe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Our past lives can have a huge impact on our current life. asking if I could squeeze him in for a session before he flew out to Japan for a holiday on Friday. These beliefs related to one of Andrew's past lives where he lived in Japan. much more intelligent than her younger brother (who was an idiot).

Some are time-sensitive, and activate when you reach the age you where when the trauma occurred in your previous life. While there is a positive to picking up on energy from past lives, it can cause serious pain and illness, so releasing these issues can sometimes be life saving. Obsessions with certain people and places are indicative of past-life cycles that are being repeated. The first step in releasing past-life cycles that involve other people is to forgive. This can be done by saying the following: Kinesiology is an incredibly useful tool in working through past life issues.

First, you identify that it is indeed a past life issue. If you get a no, you have not fully learned the lessons and need to spend more time evaluating the situation. If your past-life issue involves a person, you must first determine, using kinesiology, how many lives you lived with the person in question. You then tap the affected area, one tap for each past life; five past lives would require five taps, three past lives would require three taps, etc.

You then bring the issue and lessons to the front of your mind, and while speaking the keywords aloud, tap twice on your root chakra. You then tap twice on your sacral chakra, repeating the keywords aloud. Continue this process on your solar plexus, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye, and your crown chakra. You then tap twice on each shoulder, the insides of each elbow, and the inside of each palm while stating the keywords aloud with each tap.

You should feel lighter afterwards, and you might feel the need to rest. Click here for a PDF version. In order to practice kinesiology, you first connect your middle finger and thumb of both hands to form two separate circles, and then interlock these circles. Right-handed people pull with their left hand, left-handers with their right. You can ask your soul questions, and it will answer through your pull; if it holds, the answer is no and if it breaks, the answer is yes.

Stronger and weaker answers via finger testing equate to stronger and weaker answers of your questions. You can also count with your finger circles. For example, if you want to know how many times you lived with a person, ask this and then pull. If it breaks the first time, then you lived one life with that person. If it holds four times and breaks on the fifth, then you lived five lives with that person.

Count only in increments of one! Once you get this whisper, you can ask the whisper questions and get information directly without using your fingers. It is of the utmost importance to keep this connection PURE. You cannot use kinesiology for questions about the future, or for anyone else. You can only use kinesiology for questions about yourself regarding the past and the present.

Explore your Past Lives with Past Life Regression and Readings and Therapy

If you want to know if something is spiritual truth, you can ask. If you want to determine allergies, or if something is good or bad for you, you can use finger testing to ask. If it were an emotional or mental issue, you would then use Heal Your Body by Louise Hay to help identify the root of these issues.

Tingles and relief should come immediately. Sin is in the intent. Pick one maybe two , do that formula, learn from it, let your body adjust, and then move on to more. Always make sure to get permission before you do prayer work of any kind on another person! Never do healing before a scheduled surgery. Physical surgery interferes with the healing process and can cause negative side effects. Past Life Traumas We touched upon past life traumas this week again, so click here for a refresher!!

Therapeutic Value of Past Lives

Animals Animals get to choose their paths to some extent They come back from past lives into present to come back with you Animals except for being bound through black magic and extreme tragedy always go into the Light Animals also have lessons to learn Invasions of critters ants, spiders, roaches can be a message to you from the Legion of Pan. You make the statement to the Legion of Pan that you understand the message, thank them for the message, and then ask the appropriate Deva to remove them from your home in the name of Jesus Christ.

Loving God The Old Testament is full of biblical laws, and getting mankind structured through the rabbis of that time. Lying to someone to protect their feelings is doing them a disservice.

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You have to come from a good place in the soul, saying things truthfully, and refraining from doing harm to another soul. Avoid opinions, because they can vary from person to person. Absolute universal truth is the way to go.

The Major and Margaret

Working with the truth, with the intent to be honest, brings about change for the positive. Use this with great caution and respect. Teach your kids not to accept guilt trips and it will protect them.

If you have a nasty feeling in your solar plexus, or have a bad feeling about a situation, you can figure out who the person is and what the situation is. Once you figure it out, work through possible scenarios that come out of truth, then the feeling will totally dissipate.

Stand in truth without emotions.


Not over anyone or anything except the ground Salt baths cleanse your auric field, de-stress your body, and make you feel wonderful! The cheap, plain stuff works wonders! When she tunes into your individual station, then she gets your music! He was given tools and knowledge through God, as he was anointed by God The pentagram and the Shaddai give authority over negative and demonic through the power of God For more information about protections, click here!

You can pray for yourself as a spiritual insurance policy!

Astrology and Birth Charts Edgar Cayce Association is a great place to look for star charts and other astrology related topics. The Daily Lifting will keep you safe! Get in touch with your guides! When you start using the information on a daily basis, you will open up! Using the names of God will raise your energy frequency! Christ and the Demonic Remember to take your authority through Christ against the demonic Christ is Raid, and the demonic are cockroaches.

This is an extremely positive thing, particularly if someone just needs to be uplifted. Silver Mirrored Eggs as a Teacher If someone is sending you directed negativity, you can put him or her in an egg that is mirrored on the inside, so that their negativity will reflect back upon themselves. Negative Thought Forms Part One, Knowing what I do about resistance, I have been trying to fix this but no matter how hard I try I still come up against obstacles.

She was able to tune in to see that my healer energy is very wounded. Are you new the concept of past lives and want to learn more? This is a true story of a Psychiatrist working with a female patient called Catherine who suffered anxiety attacks and recurring nightmares. Through hypnosis, Catherine began recalling past-life traumas which held the key to her current problems. A fascinating read, especially if your sceptical about this concept, I encourage you to give it a try.

Has this struck a cord in you that you think might explain one of your current issues? Have you had a healing experience through past life recall? Is it something you too belive in? Perhaps that is a post for another day….. You can now find me at amyvmiller. This post was seriously what I needed to read. Yes, I love this!! Thaank you for sharing Liz. Best of luck in creating positive change through your exploration x.

I had my second past life healing last week. One in particular has impacted my path on this life. I was a healer in Avalon teaching young women to become healers too. Also makes sense how my journey on this path has be accelerated in little under a year because I have drawn on my thousands of years of experience in this field. A healer in Avalon — I wonder if you got to hang out with Merlin?!

Truly fascinating stuff, enjoy teaching, healing and spreading your light into the world xx. Mastery is more of an ongoing lifestyle for me than a something you can learn in a weekend. Love, love, love this one! Dear Amy, I need your advice, I live in India and have some thing more than normal incidents in my life. When my mom conceived me months only , there were financial and medical urgencies leading my parents to worry what is happening…who is about to come into the family. So i was born exactly as per his details; further since my family was non vegetarian.

As a routine all my family four siblings would eat happily, but i could never sleep after having non veg meal. I used to have scary dreams; finally at age of , i shifted to be vegetarian. Never had any sickness like normal children. My father is a very short tempered and violent person, each one of my sibling had many such chances.. During my Ancient culture classes, I found lots of artefacts and sites are familiar to me and could just tell facts without reading any book. Before my marriage, I felt my soul floating in air and I saw my body lying on my bed…so many times.

Saying so,my personal and professional seems to have only two planes either peak or a flat down fall.