Dead in the Water: DI Marjory Fleming Book 5

Dead in the Water (DI Marjory Fleming 5 )

The more he finds out, though, the more it seems the odd events of the s are linked to the accident that killed his ex-wife. Was her death something more sinister? Yrsa Sigurdardottir is a huge European bestseller both with her crime and horror novels. When fifteen-year-old Skye's mother finally does something so shocking that it can't be hushed up, the police turn Skye over to the social workers - and that's when the nightmare begins.

No one will let her talk to her father. And the woman who is supposed to be helping her dumps her in a terrifying 'home' that's more like a jail.

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Aline Templeton Aline Templeton lives in Edinburgh with her husband, in a house with a balcony built by an astronomer to observe the stars over the beautiful city skyline. However, it comes to light she was actually murdered. DI Marjory Fleming Book 3. And she's not talking. She has demonstrated that, just when we thought Scotland was saturated with detectives, a strong woman can elbow her way in and find a unique niche.

But she still has one friend to turn to: So when Jade offers Skye - now alone in Manchester and nearly penniless - a safe place to stay, Skye is willing to trust her. Even when it isn't Jade who turns up at the rendezvous, but a grown-up man who says he's Jade's brother. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie's mysteries, as well as Clare Mackintosh and Paula Hawkins, the ninth psychological thriller from Sophie Hannah is a literary mystery and a puzzle that's impossible to solve.

All she wanted to do was take her son's forgotten sports kit to school. So why does Nicki Clements drive past the home of controversial newspaper columnist Damon Blundy eight times in one day? And, though Blundy was killed with a knife, he was not stabbed. Nicki, called in for questioning, doesn't have any of the answers police are looking for. Nor can she tell them the truth, because although she is not guilty of murder, she is far from innocent.

And the words on the wall are disturbingly familiar to her, if only she could remember where she has heard them before. They have never seen a murder like it - but something about this killer is all too familiar A new type of serial killer is stalking the streets of New York - one more devious and disturbing than ever before. A talented tattoo artist is using poison instead of ink.

His victim is a young woman. And on her skin he's left a message: A scrap of paper that connects this case with one they will never forget: Deaver proves himself a grandmaster of the genre as each surprise leads to an even bigger surprise, like a series of reverse Russian nesting dolls. Our Books See all Books. Bad Soldier Chris Ryan. Sons of the Blood Robyn Young. The Empathy Problem Gavin Extence. Acts of Love Talulah Riley. The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken. Mister Memory Marcus Sedgwick.

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Dead in the Water

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DI Marjory Fleming Book 3. The Darkness and the Deep: DI Marjory Fleming Book 2. The Trumpet shall Sound. Aline Templeton has been producing quietly intelligent, carefully plotted thrillers for years. Templeton creates a tight, convincing band of characters and has the ability to spin her story beyond immediate events to paint a picture of a small rural community in crisis. She is good at managing her plot and revealing details slowly. She has demonstrated that, just when we thought Scotland was saturated with detectives, a strong woman can elbow her way in and find a unique niche.

Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming, a resolute Scot, is Aline Templeton's new detective for whom a series is planned. A long-hidden body is discovered in an area isolated during a foot-and-mouth epidemic. The remote rural Scottish background, a blizzard, a feuding farming family with secrets - all these combine to make this novel a compelling read.

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Aline Templeton anatomises a rural community, provides a contemporary gothic frisson and introduces a strong and sympathetic series character. The result is an unalloyed pleasure - an intelligent, character-driven crime novel. An unalloyed pleasure - an intelligent, character-driven crime novel. While all the characters are well drawn, Marge takes center stage, and in Marge, Templeton creates a very realistic portrayal of a woman in her position trying to balance the demands of her job with being a wife, mother and daughter.

Templeton provides a very strong sense of place. I appreciate that the books are set in Galloway, in the West of Scotland, rather than the usual Edinburgh. This is a very good book in a wonderful series, and one I highly recommend. Jun 18, Richard Thompson rated it really liked it Shelves: In this book, Marjory is asked to look into a twenty-year-old cold case in which a young, pregnant woman died after plunging jumped or thrown?

Initially, the death was assumed to be a suicide, but there were enough unresolved elements it that it was still on the books as a possible murder. The investigating officers at the time were Marjory's father and her present boss. A young man from Galloway who is no an actor who plays a fictional police superintendent in a popular TV series, was accused of the murder by the girl's mother at the time, and coincidentally, the crew is in the area filming just a Marjory begins her investigation.

An engaging set of characters and a solid plot.

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John, kitty corner from the bowling alley. The southwest corner of their lot is a rocky headland jutting into the Irish sea with a lighthouse standing overlooking the roiling waters. A storm is raging. A TV crew is set up at the foot of the lighthouse. A long line of pregnant teenage girls snakes along the path leading to the lighthouse, and in through the door at the base of it. Each of the girls in leading a sheep on a leash. Several police officers are on duty keeping the girls organized and generally directing traffic. One girl with her sheep is standing at the railing at the top of the lighthouse with her sheep in her arms.

The director of the TV crew calls through a bullhorn, "Cue the lightning! Okay, let's do it again. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelwiess in exchange for an honest review. Marjory is asked to take on a cold case that her father once worked. The young woman was found dead in the water and it was presumed she committed suicide.

However, it comes to light she was actually murdered. There were several theories during the original investigation, but nothing was ever proven and the case went cold. Now working back through the evidence, Marjory discovers that her father broke procedure for the first and only time in his career and it nags at her through out the investigation.

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Marjory is also puzzled by the fact that the victim's former boyfriend , Marcus, was never questioned throughly and his alibi was never checked. The ex-boyfriend is rumored to be the father of victim's unborn child. Marcus in now filming a TV show at his home which give Marjory and her team the opportunity to question him.

Marjory also faces the age old problems of trying to balance her home life with her career and of course it is never perfectly balanced. One will always wins out over the other. This Scottish mystery is the first novel I have read by this author and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

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Dead In The Water (DI Marjory Fleming #5) This book is not yet featured on Listopia. . I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelwiess in . Dead in the Water: DI Marjory Fleming Book 5 [Aline Templeton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Unusual book.

The complex relationships that everyone in the book had added a layer of depth that many crime dramas never achieve. I loved Marjory's character. She is so human and feels things very deeply, but she doesn't always make the correct choices in her career or where her family is concerned and of course that comes back to haunt her. The mystery really had me puzzled. I couldn't fiqure out why some of the details and situations were in the book because they just didn't fit in with anything else that was happening.

Well, believe it or not all these things are somehow connected. I would never have figured out the mystery no matter how hard I tried. This one gets a 4. Apr 28, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 27, Kyrie rated it really liked it Shelves: While it was background, I think I enjoyed the psychology of family relationships in this tale more than the actual mysteries.

The stabbings, and the looking into an unsolved case were quite good too, although, I was surprised it was assigned to the daughter of the original officer rather than almost anyone else. Lots of different tales winding through it - who was the father of Ailsa's child? Why Who's going around knifing people and why? What's up with Sylvia anyhow? Apr 28, Afsana rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book and could feel for Marge-on the difficultness of the position she was put in. A good entry in this rural Scottish police procedural series.

I really enjoyed reading about a lead character who has a normal home life and a detective team that gets along for the most part. The plot involved a cold case which was very compelling though the other current day crimes were a bit less interesting. Jul 17, Jovdb rated it liked it. As usual, the description of the local scenery, the family dynamics, were excellent. Aline Templeton's Marjory Fleming series is one of my very favorite character-driven crime fiction series, and Dead in the Water is yet another strong entry.

This is a book about mistakes. Mistakes people may have made back in including Marjory's own father. Mistakes involving the ever-perfectionist Sheila Milne. And Marjory's own mistakes made both on the job and in her private life. Naturally once Fleming gets to work on the cold case, the local bad boys get busy so more work gets thrown Aline Templeton's Marjory Fleming series is one of my very favorite character-driven crime fiction series, and Dead in the Water is yet another strong entry.

Naturally once Fleming gets to work on the cold case, the local bad boys get busy so more work gets thrown on her desk. It's like kicking open an anthill. There's a stalker at the estate where there's a film shoot on location. An area thug who likes to use knives is busy. There are short-fused Polish laborers working for a couple with too much time and money on its hands.