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Marijuana Plants Celebrating Birthdays? In Search of Immortal Cannabis

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You can add years to your plants' lives if you stoke their photosynthesis , the most important factor for their survival and longevity. For this item, buy orders will be matched with the cheapest option to buy regardless of any unique characteristics. An Introduction to the Philosophy and Religion of Taoism: The worship of mother goddesses for the cultivation of offspring is present all over China, but predominantly in northern provinces. Theory Chinese theology Chinese gods and immortals Chinese mythology Chinese creation myth Chinese spiritual world concepts Model humanity: Confucian churches and sects: Any chance of a video?

With the arrival of the summer you can take them outside; what before were plants will now be almost trees. And they can live for 5 years or more if the process is repeated , although their effects will be more and more narcotic. How to concoct the elixir of life for your favourite plants.

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Would you like to keep that plant you've fallen most in love with? And even see it grow, year after year? Aside from the inevitable renovation of the substrate to eliminate metallic salts and work with the richest possible soil, you will have to begin by healing the radicular system. To do this it is necessary to remove the rootball and cut three fourths of it, all in order for new roots to develop, which will grow with greater force and absorb more nutrients.

Chinese gods and immortals

In just a short time the plant will begin to grow quickly once again. The secret of cannabis longevity can be found in tropical areas. This is, above all, the case in the tropics, home to Sativas for thousands of years, where one can find genuine cannabis trees that do not die because they alternate between flowering and vegetation phases.

In the equatorial zones there have been cases of very old and giant wild Sativas. It may be that the secret to the longevity of these trees of weed lies in the blessings of their tropical surroundings, which allow for spectacular growth of the vegetation, not comparable to that found in any other ecosystem.

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There grows, amidst coral reefs and majestic volcanoes, a local island strain that can yield two and even three harvests in a row. Hot and humid climates like that on Reunion Island are like superfood for grass.

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Villagers sow them hidden in rough and green volcanic lands that lead to the heart of the island's volcanoes, so that the strict French authorities cannot find them. There, they develop very long internodes to stretch towards the capricious light filtering through the thick jungle vegetation. Two characteristics the equatorial climate and the difficulty of accessing light are shared by other large and long-living marijuana plants that have been found around the globe.

The dream of a marijuana plant that yields shining buds for years has come true. Immortal weed has arrived.

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