Got Perspective?

Life Changes: 10 Ways to Get Perspective

Focus On The Lesson, Not The Problem

The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance: It often makes the difference between resisting or accepting the new changes that are happening in your life. I believe major life changes are invitations to grow. Having suspected from the first that there was a gentleman in the background, it is highly satisfactory to know that he recedes into the remote perspective of Asia. This sort of seemed like a contradiction to me at first. His current research focuses on the relationship between social media and neoliberal ideology. My biggest experience with perspective came from college.

By practicing patience I am able to make it less about me and more about the task, which surprise! This helps me to understand that those are simply creations that have happened through my body, my vessel. With patience I am able to see those things for what they really are and appreciate them with detachment. It also makes criticism a heck of a lot easier too.

When I get into service mode, I really learn how to see my life as it truly is. It also made me see how great my family dinners actually are.

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We can take a nap on the couch if we ate too much. Life is beautiful and simple. I imagined her later opening up her wallet.

It was about me seeing through her eyes. When we extend a hand, no matter how big or small, it offers us the chance to step outside ourselves for a minute and understand more of the big picture. And when we can do that, we see our role in it more clearly and are able to appreciate that and ourselves more readily. Much like helping other people, seeing a different side to a story can help you see yourself more clearly. I remember speaking with a close friend about suicide when I was younger.

Instead of immediately discarding her point, I was struck by how it had never occurred to me. While I marinated on it for the next few days I really got a chance to consider myself from a different angle. Was I compassionate toward myself and give myself permission to have differing, sometimes even contradicting opinions?


Did I encourage myself to open up like my friend did? But beyond seeing myself in a different light, it also opened me up to the fact that I can have more than one feeling about something and that that was okay. I felt more whole and free after that. We can all benefit from listening and considering other points of view. And that is truly a blessing. This sort of seemed like a contradiction to me at first.

How exactly are we getting farther away? For instance, the other day I was listening to a class and trying to do some home improvement at the same time. I dropped what I was trying to hang on the wall and started feeling sorry for myself.

Got Diversity? Time to Change Your Perspective

Now I had to stop and fix everything and replay the part of the class I missed. It all depends on your perspective. In one simple cartoon you can see the power of looking at things from another angle. My biggest experience with perspective came from college.

People will tell you that college is one of the best times of their lives. I met terrific people and developed lifelong friendships. From the day I left Fenton, MO, college was one giant adventure. I got exposed to a new world of learning. College opened my eyes to the world. Classes like thermodynamics, calculus and physics. I graduated as a mechanical engineer, but I never became one. What college gave me was a new way of looking at the world. It gave me perspective. That change in perspective started with my surroundings. Growing up in a small suburb, my world always seemed to stay the same.

We had so much family in town, that our gatherings were always the same aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. And they were great.

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Before going to college, the only place I had really seen was Florida. Then, as a wide-eyed 18 year-old, I headed to Nashville, TN. This was a drastic change. I was living in a tiny room that was part of a 4-story dorm. There were about 40 other kids in the same position on my floor. The comfortable house I grew up in was gone.

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This was my new home. The campus was huge, but my world felt small. I had no friends or family to rely on. Needless to say, I was scared and I had no one I knew around me.

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People were just bewildered and panicked. I knew the exit was a long way away so I jumped back in the subway. Thankfully the subway left a minute later and even till now I had no idea what happened there. I was just completely terrified and shaken.

That pretty much killed my mood to go anywhere else to explore Paris. So I went to school for an event like originally planned but then I got really hungry towards the end I decided to leave early to get home. Well, my bad luck continues as I get onto the subway home. Line 7 stopped twice and both times I got on the train and was told to get off.

I was stuck at Pont Neuf for over an hour. And when it did, it was chaos.

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I was at the front of the line and I could barely get on. After one of the most uncomfortable 45 minutes ride, I finally got off and got home.