New Treatments for Varicose Veins

This is good news, because it means that if the surface veins begin to clump up and bulge, they can be removed or destroyed without ruining circulation to the leg. A quarter of varicose vein sufferers are men, although Weiss notes that it is almost always women who seek help for spider veins. Spider veins, the more delicate red or blue tracings that can pop up on the skin's surface like kinky spider webs, are a minor form of varicose veins and can precede development of the more unsightly variation or cause cosmetic concerns of their own.

Sun exposure can make spider veins worse by breaking down collagen under the skin.

The way people on the Fylde coast are treated for varicose veins could be changing

Both varicose and spider veins result when valves designed to keep blood from running backward away from the heart and back down into the leg fail or become loose and flabby -- allowing backwash, which stretches veins and even slowly leaks into ankle and leg tissue, causing swelling. Aside from the "purple snake" effect, varicose veins can cramp or throb at night. So much blood pools into the legs, that it can cause the legs to feel heavy and leaden.

If clear fluid from the expanded vessels seeps into tissues, it can choke off circulation to the skin, causing an itchy rash or even a painful ulcer, Weiss warns. The exact cause of this unwanted "body art" is not known, but a genetic tendency toward weak, vein valves plays a big role, Weiss says.

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Hormones also play a part, accounting for the increased incidence in women. Puberty, pregnancy pregnant women are very prone , and menopause , as well as taking estrogen , progesterone , and birth control pills , can weaken vein valves and change leg circulation. During pregnancy, Weiss says the increased blood volume the mother is circulating for herself and her fetus can make veins bulge.

Sitting with a full uterus on the top of the thighs also does not help blood return to the heart varicose veins that pop up during pregnancy usually deflate in three months, although new pregnancies can bring them on again, sometimes to stay. Aging, obesity , and prolonged standing can also cause leg veins to balloon. If you had a mother or grandmother treated for varicose veins and thought the treatment sounded worse than the disease, take heart.

This means taking a sharp, two-dimensional picture instead of a doctor listening to blood flow in the leg with a Doppler device and trying to decide which veins are affected and where. Duplex ultrasound is also a boon, says Sandy S. She says this is because knowing the condition of the exact vein affected can help the doctor determine which treatment to use. In the old days, a flexible metal rod was inserted into the vein at the groin level, passed through the vein and taken out the other end, where a metal cap was screwed on.

The rod was then pulled back through the leg, stripping the vein out through the groin incision. With the vein gone, the deeper circulatory systems took over and the wormy mass was not longer visible. Stripping is hardly ever done anymore. Now, a thin catheter may be inserted into the affected vein and the whole inside of the vein, called the lumen, heated by radio waves, which shrinks the tough collagen in the vessel wall and causes it to collapse and re-absorb.

Anesthesia mixed with fluid is injected first to make the procedure painless and, at the same time, press the blood out of the vein. Scarring is almost imperceptible, although there may be some bruising and the vein may take eight weeks to re-absorb. Lasers are also used to send bursts of concentrated light into the vein, collapsing it.

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When the laser hits the skin, there is a tinge of discomfort, but the doctor quickly cools the skin off. Another, even newer technique is called foam sclerotherapy, Weiss explains. An agent, such as a detergent or emulsifier, is agitated with air, forming foam the consistency of watery shaving cream a little air in veins is acceptable, unlike Hollywood would have you believe. The foam is then injected into the problematic vein, gradually causing the walls to swell and stick together, blocking off the vein. The deeper venous systems take over the blood flow.

Tsao, however, says she would prefer use of foam sclerotherapy for spider veins. Varicose veins she said are larger bore vessels and require more aggressive therapy. Another, older, but still often used technique, is called ambulatory phlebectomy, in which the vein is extracted with a crochet-hook-like device. Anterior cardiac Right marginal.

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Veins are blood vessels that carry blood toward the heart. Most veins carry deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart; exceptions are the pulmonary. A vein is an elastic blood vessel that transports blood from various regions of the body to the heart. Veins can be categorized into different.

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Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

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What Causes Varicose Veins?