Healing in His Wings (Hot Cargo Book 2)

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The authors attempt to show Peter as someone hiding from past experiences and afraid of his own reaction and feelings to Blaise. Peter focuses on the fact that Blaise should be willing to help him unconditionally if only Blaise truly cared. These miscommunications are riddled in the first half of the story; yet disappear completely in the second half after Peter becomes injured. At this point, both the subplot of the space attacks and the relationship between Peter and Blaise seem to drag with the majority of the relationship building having taken place within the erotic sexual encounters between the men.

They seem to communicate through sex and thus the sudden lack of both their sexual encounters and fast moving fights, the story seems to drag until they meet up again and live happily ever after. The subplot of space invaders is ignored with a few references to an easy resolution and the story in general would have benefited from being shorter with a tighter, more defined pace and progression. His strength and charisma created a likable and relatable character with his range of emotions from desire to more depth inviting as his feelings became deeper.

His past was somewhat vague but just enough to give a fuller image of the man with his fiery temperament. Unfortunately Blaise seems to fall apart slightly in the second half of the book with his notable personality falling flat and becomes alternately insecure and demanding. Overall this book definitely had high points and while it certainly had its share of overly flowery prose, the story was easy and readable, if slightly too long. This story satisfies those looking for scorching hot sexual chemistry with combustible personalities adding a splash of BDSM and science fiction thrown in for flavor.

Feb 07, ElaineY rated it really liked it Shelves: Both Admiral Keller and Blaise are attractive characters.

Blaise's cockiness hid a vulnerability that I found adorable and while I did pause at the start of the story when the Admiral gave him a whack, the rest of the story was very different from that point on. Blaise, a privateer, found himself captured and given over to the custody of Admiral Peter Keller. I guess my mind was still recalling the previous week's posts about physical abuse between protagonists and I thought this was going to be Both Admiral Keller and Blaise are attractive characters.

I guess my mind was still recalling the previous week's posts about physical abuse between protagonists and I thought this was going to be one of those the authors are new to me but Hot Cargo is actually a very touching romance between two men, both equally alpha in their ways. Blaise finds himself forced to play the submissive since he's the Admiral's prisoner read sex slave but even early on we see Keller's feelings for Blaise changing and Blaise himself wanting his captor yet fearful of rejection and so continues to hide behind his bravado.

There were some parts that I skipped because it went into the sci-fi techy bits and I wanted to get back to the relationship but it wasn't much. Most of the story revolves around Admiral Keller and Blaise's evolving feelings even as they have sex. And they have puh-lenty of sex. The action comes in the second half and this is what I like as page after page of sex does get boring for me.

I enjoy sci-fi romances as much for the galactic shenanigans and star wars as for the sensuality set amid other worlds and Hot Cargo is one of those.

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Healing in His Wings (Hot Cargo Book 2) - Kindle edition by Ariel Tachna. Romance Kindle eBooks @ domaine-solitude.com Be the first to ask a question about Hot Cargo .. stars. Good book about two strong-minded and strong-willed men. .. Healing in His Wings was sweet.

View all 3 comments. Aug 08, Kris rated it liked it Shelves: Thankfully this was not the case with Hot Cargo and I was able to enjoy the sci fi theme for what it was. Granted there w The Review: Granted there were a number of descriptions of 'thick cream coating insides' and 'flooding hot come' etc, still Now I've got that out of the way There are none of the glitches in tone which might make you think you're reading two separate stories or two distinct authors. Although I know I must have, I can't think of the last time I read a story that incorporated chapter titles.

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It might seem like such a little thing, but I really loved them. They were a perfect capture of what the theme of each chapter was and, I think, assisted with the flow of the story, which does take place over an extended period of time. While it certainly does have these elements and Admiral Keller is definitely a top, to me it was more light and kinky than hard core. For those readers who are a bit hesitant about this lifestyle, I think the key phrase from the description of Hot Cargo is "which usually involve a not-so-resistant Blaise on his knees bound and determined to give as good as he gets".

Sex plays an important part in the developing relationship between the main characters. I was well into the story before I realised this and, once the light bulb went off, I had a deeper appreciation of what the authors had attempted to do. However, coming to the end of Hot Cargo, I found myself wanting to know more about Admiral Keller, especially about his past on Earth.

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There were some glimpses in the second half of the book and they intrigued me. A little more detail would have been satisfying. I also wanted Blaise and the Admiral to fight more baddies. What can I say, I like me a space ship battle. Feb 02, Ivory Huo rated it did not like it. My question- why do women seem so enthralled with rape scenes involving men? Do they even consider consent issues while they are reading?

This "romance" kicks off when one of the MCs arrests another for piracy. He has him handcuffed, jolts him with some electricity, and demands sexual submission. At that point I stopped reading. Rape scenes in books are one thing. Romanticized rape scenes, My question- why do women seem so enthralled with rape scenes involving men? Hurting someone who has no option to say no is another. Stockholm syndrome is not love, it is a defense mechanism that allows the psyche to survive abuse. I really really dislike these books. One is the participant reader. This reader imagines herself as one of the participants.

The other is the voyeuristic reader. This reader imagines watching the scenes from the sidelines. I am a participant reader. I identify with the characters, and rape scenes are not pleasant for me to read. I will read them if they are important to the story, but I can't imagine myself falling in love with someone who has raped me in most cases. There are some authors who can pull off a realistic rape scene and turn it around, but most cannot. I certainly cannot imagine enjoying a rape just because the rapist touched me in the right places or said the right things.

In fact, I am pretty sure I would be more traumatized. I imagine that those who enjoy these books are picturing the scene as an observer. They wanted the experience, but did not want to have to make the choice.

Good rape is much less popular in het fiction these days, as our efforts to establish a woman's right to control her body take center stage. So why have we decided it is OK to do it to men? I didn't get past chapter 1. This isn't romance, it is horror. Aug 15, Jaime rated it really liked it Shelves: There were a lot of things in this book I was actually prepared not to like, even though I've never not liked an Ariel Tachna book and I very much liked "Something About Harry". First off, I've never understood or been engaged by the whole space-pirate-turned-sex-slave trope, and more times than not, that theme has caused me to close a book and never come back.

Second, the fact that this is not the first time the main character, Peter has done this with a prisoner meant I was very unlikely to fin There were a lot of things in this book I was actually prepared not to like, even though I've never not liked an Ariel Tachna book and I very much liked "Something About Harry".

Second, the fact that this is not the first time the main character, Peter has done this with a prisoner meant I was very unlikely to find him appealing, and he's the main love interest. That's two pretty heavy strikes against this book right off the bat. Not my preferred genre. But, I knew all these things going in, and I wanted to see if a couple of my favorite authors could make a believer out of me. I'm not saying that I'll ever really seek out this particular scenario, but I will say this: Somehow, in some way I haven't been quite been able to put my finger on, they succeeded in not turning me off.

I believed Blaise was a willing participant, even while it was obvious he really wasn't being given a choice in anything that happened to him. And I believed that Peter might have some serious kinks, but he wasn't a bad person. So while I won't tell you what happened, I will tell you, if you've been hesitating for the same reasons I was, it might be worth the risk of giving this one a try.

You might still not like it, but I know I sure did, and that surprised the heck out of me. For anyone who likes the trope, sci-fi, BDSM, power exchange, and hasn't read it, well. Feb 15, Kerry rated it really liked it Shelves: I have somewhat reluctantly put it on my dubcon-noncon shelf.

However, even though Blaise is a prisoner and Peter is overseeing his captivity, there is an attraction between them from the start, so the sexual activity is not unwelcomed by Blaise. IMO it's just some good ol' kinky sex with some hot toys and situations thrown in the mix. Blaise and Peter did begin to frustrate me with their lack of communication, each of them assumi 3.

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Luckily for the rapist, his victim so enjoys his mad skillz that they fall in love! But more they are together and more their relationship deepens, but always remaining primarily a sexual one: Sep 14, DeeNeez rated it really liked it Shelves: Published April 28th by Dreamspinner Press first published October Unattached now as they were to anything grounded, Blaise had no choice but to use his grip on the Admiral to provide the leverage he needed to bob his head up and down over the hard cock. Yes, I asked the question about alien romances with aliens that don't look like Dr.

Blaise and Peter did begin to frustrate me with their lack of communication, each of them assuming the worst about the other. If only they would talk things through! And I wish the storyline about the 'bad guys' had been more developed at the end, but overall this was a good book. I tried to like this book because I love both authors. I just could not like it no matter how much I tried. I didn't like Peter right off.

I didn't like the fact he used his position to find his playthings.

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A Rose Among the Ruins. Partnership in Blood Bundle Vol. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. It certainly was against mine. Blaise returned the kiss eagerly, far beyond caring that the Admiral knew of his willingness and desire.

Only Keller could elicit this response from him. Blaise knew the Admiral enjoyed his rebellion as much as the smuggler enjoyed the consequences. Removing one, he ran it over his palm, nodding to the other. If I have to restrain you, it will only make things worse for you. Now, it was just a matter of holding on for the ride. A thrill shot through him as he imagined all the possibilities presented by their current situation.

His hips jerked forward, a motion that would have sent him spinning helplessly through the room if not for his grip on the leather cuffs. As it was, his body twisted around, leaving his vulnerable belly facing the Admiral. Reaching out to the younger man, Peter spun Blaise back around to face the wall again. He wanted to teach his brash lover a lesson, not leave him incapacitated.

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Rarely did their games cross over the line to true pain. His usual punishments involved being denied release. Six blows in all, he told himself. Blaise bit his lip to stifle his cries as four more blows fell. He was panting by the time it was done, his body tense and braced for more. His relief when the Admiral released the strap and let it float away was palpable. Still trembling, he tried to steady his breathing, using meditation techniques he had perfected during his imprisonment to push aside the adrenaline coursing through him.

Peter dropped the strap and positioned himself behind his shaking partner. Blaise took a deep breath and started to release the strap he held when he remembered the earlier order. Impressed that Blaise had remembered his order not to let go of the strap, Peter grinned. Get over here and take care of what you started. Catching the railing with one hand, he used the other to keep the Admiral from crashing into the wall.