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Give Up the Ghost

Saffron does not take shit from anyone. I love her outfits that she wears out, fucking hot and I want them. Rhys wants to get into Saffron's panties.

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The story is real and contemporary and drew me in from the first sentence. He drank, did lots of drugs, acted crazy, was rude and mean and occasionally vicious. Even as head girl she retains her autonomy by managing never to wear the regulation navy knickers. This story lacked that for me. True, he was more into music, he was more successful at finding drugs and alcohol, and he just lived the same life more emphatically, but I could relate so clearly to what he was describing that I read the book extra slowly - savoring it like one might savor a rich dessert.

I'm saying panties a lot in this review, by the way Shes a challenge that Rhys has not had for a while. And Saffron knows about Mr. Rhys reputation, she doesn't want to be another chick that he just fucks. So of course you can already tell what's going to happen. They play cat and mouse and makes the book go steamy by their connection that you can light a match to. Not going to tell you the rest cause then it will just ruin the whole damn book. You would just have to read it to find out. I know I am a tease when it comes to all this hotness in this book. But overall I love this book.

It's not the same thing that you read about, it takes you somewhere different. There are other super natural beings in it also. What it kind of reminded me of as for the super natural is, Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark super natural creators. If I wasn't use to this type of creators then this is a great way to introduce me to it. It brought out more in the story then just a band on tour. Brings the story to life and sucks you in and won't let you go till the end.

I am very looking forward to more of this series. I can't wait to read about Winter. Oh yes, Winter is going to be good I have a feeling. View all 24 comments. I was given a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review I don't even know where to start with this book. First of all, let me say, I did not take into account the numerous grammatical errors while considering my rating. Although I have to admit, not knowing the difference between your and you're is a huge pet peeve of mine and I cringed at the many times I saw the misuse of your. I didn't hate the characters I was given a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review I don't even know where to start with this book.

I didn't hate the characters so the story may have worked better without it or if the author really felt it necessary to keep it, it would need to be reworked. The way it was introduced to Saffron that Rhys could see the dead and the way she just accepted it like learning Rhys was dyslexic or something was totally unbelievable.

This is just a start as to what was wrong with whole that story line. Here's another thing that really put me off Dante was the only British character and a good portion of jargon used was English and not American. Also, the terminology used by saying 'gods' instead of 'God' was utterly ridiculous. I get what author was trying to get at by using it that way but it just looked stupid. Nobody says "gods", so oh my God it sounded really out of place.

I really appreciated the opportunity to read this book and based on the synopsis and cover, I had high hopes but it just didn't deliver for me. Feb 04, Once Upon a Twilight rated it really liked it. First off I must start with this cover. When I saw it, I was like heck yea Ill read this book.

It's a cover meant for me. Then the colors, graphics and fonts really did come together in a badass way. Its a rockstar kind of cover. So kuddos to the person s behind the design. I've been on this New Adult First off I must start with this cover. I've been on this New Adult cloud that just won't come down back to earth. So I jumped right in and began reading. I did have to take a forced break due to a review that was due for another book on a blog tour but then I picked this one back up pronto.

Didn't stop until I was done with it. Giving Up the Ghost did something that no other book has made me do, I was reading one of the witty lines that Rhys' character says and it made me actual spit my drink out from LOL'ing and blush at the same time. One of my favorite lines ever. I wished I could share it but I can't since I try and keep things PG at least on the site with reviews.

Let's just say it refers to a lollipop type comment. Saffron had no chance after that. Price nailed it for me in this book with the story and its constant banter between Saffron and Rhys. It got real saucy up in those pages. I can sit here all day and just name scene after scene that I loved about this book. There is a dance between Saffron and Rhys, Oh man was that a great piece to read.

I enjoyed also reading about Saffron's rockstar attire. Then how Saffron described how it felt to hear Rhys sing in his concerts, its like you are there with her listening and feeling the impact of his songs. Such a great book if you are a fan of romance, music, sauciness and ghost. Ha, left you hanging there with Ghost right? Read on to see what I'm talking about. Rhys is the lead singer of 13 Shades of Red band and your ultimate rockstar god that comes equipped with looks, body and a voice gifted by the gods.

Saffron is brought in to the swing of things when she is hired as the band's new tour manager after last manager OD's. She has lived and been a part of the lifestyle before and this is her biggest gig yet. She knows she can't let hottie lead singer mess that up for her no matter how much he wants her. Of course Saffron isn't immune to Rhys charms and tricks. So game on for those two.

Did I mention that Rhys can see and speak to the dead, those that appear as ghost at least. So when a ghost he never thought would show up ever, finally does, Rhys looses it. Then as soon as Rhys has Saffron in his sights, Phaedra decides it time to intervene. So much is about to go down, will Saffron and Rhys go forward with what they feel between them? Saffron will need to man up fast and she will have to depend on some help from some supernatural beings if she will make this all work out.

Rhys needs to come to terms with his heartache and hopefully break free and move on. Giving Up the Ghost will you keep on the edge of your seat, be at at saucy times or when the supernatural comes a knockin. I like how this book began, its middle and its ending.

Just when you thought it was getting predictable, it would complete turn its course on ya. Any fan of New Adult or Adult reading will enjoy this book. Price took real experiences and infused them into the pages of Giving Up the Ghost which made for a great realistic read even with the ghost involved. Giving Up the Ghost is a Rockstar of a read. I can't wait for book 2 on Winter's Phaedra brother. Feb 19, Debra Dermastja rated it it was amazing. When I first heard about this book, I knew it was going to be good.

I mean come on a sexy rock star who is still passionate about a lost love. A man so broken he can't love again, or can he? A little paranormal twist thrown in and you have success! The first time Rhys sees Saffron he is so taken by her looks. Rhys plans to bed her at first chance, what he doesn't plan for is how much work it was originally posted at: Rhys plans to bed her at first chance, what he doesn't plan for is how much work it was going to take to get there, or where it would all lead in the end.

Still hurting over his lost fiance, Rhys beds anything that walks his way. No woman has ever said no to him until he meets Saffron. She could not care less about what he has to offer, so different from any other women he has met before. That sparks an interest and a fire in him; the game of seduction, one he has not played in a very long time, but one he plans to win at all cost. I love the sauciness of Saffron! That girls takes no crap from anyone and she has a set on her bigger than most men. Saff is bold and wild and knows how to get her way. She never backs down from a challenge even if it means bearing it all.

So happy to finally get a big job in the business, she plans to let nothing get in her way of making a name for herself, but when she sees Rhys for the first time, she knows its not going to be easy to stay away from this man or his bed. Even with the connection she feels with Rhys, she wants more than to be another girl in a long line of groupies, so she sets out to keep him at bay. Which ignites a game she can't win. I was hooked on this book the second Saffron walked into a sound check and saw Rhys in person for the first time.

Once he was off stage the connection between them just sparked out of control.

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The game of seduction that Rhys plays to get her in his bed was just amazing! I loved the way he set to getting her where he wanted her. Some of the scenes were HOT!!!! For example, I will never look at a dance floor the same lol. Overall this was an amazing book. Great lead characters and supporting characters. A great realistic glimpse into the world on the road with a rock band, with a paranormal twist. Just when you think all is good and happily ever after the story changes and I liked that little bounce back and forth.

It keeps you engaged and interested. If you like sexy men who know how to please a woman, and a leading lady who knows how to fight for what is right, you have to check this book out! Now the long wait until the next book: Apr 11, Beckie Stevenson rated it liked it. I received this book in exchange for my honest review. The very first thing that put me off a little when I began reading this book was that it was really confusing. Also, during the first chapter alone we are either introduced to or the main character speaks I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Also, during the first chapter alone we are either introduced to or the main character speaks about 6 characters. I just found it all too much for the first chapter. Going back to the characters…. I have to admit that I found the second character Nyx far more likable then either of the main characters Rhys of Saffron. Also, I needed to know more about Pheadra. On the flip side, I like the concept of the story and the cover was perfect for it. I liked that it felt normal. All in all I think it was good, but could have been amazing. View all 3 comments.

Feb 20, Trini rated it really liked it. I really fell in love with this story and the two main characters right away. Rhys is the lead singer of the very successful 13 Shades of Red band and can pretty much have any woman he wants. For a while he had kept himself boozed up constantly and hooked up with more women then he can count. But, this is all just on the surface of who he really is because he does have a much softer side to him. The job of tour manager for the 13 Shades of Red band falls into her lap after a very untimely death with their current manager.

There was instant attraction for these two and great sexual tension since Saff was off limits to Rhys. She tried to fight her feeling for him and guard her heart but to no avail. Rhys and Saff are the kind of characters you wish the best for because they have such good hearts but it always seems that they always get the bad end of the stick not matter how much they try. The only thing I felt lacking was the fight scene and the only reason I say that is because I really really really dislike Phaedra and wanted a lot more too happen to her.

That is going to be one intense story! ARC provided by author for honest review. Thank you a solid 3. I really loved Rhys a sensitive to the dead and helps them pass -even has a pet dead cat lol and Saffron really cool chick. I actually liked all the characters in this book minus the dead x-gf There is all kinds of paranormal in this book from a good old haunting to witches and demons. Dead x sex, the whole ball of wax.

The supporting cast in the book all have some sort of power s minus one member of the band and Saff ARC provided by author for honest review. The supporting cast in the book all have some sort of power s minus one member of the band and Saff. Rhys and Saffron have a really nice relationship. His x died so he is the tortured artist. All the bands music comes from his hurt over losing her.

Then Saffron is hired as the bands new manager and Rhys thinks he can actually be happy Rhys finally sees a woman in Saffron that he thinks he can have a relationship an earthly one with but will the cold dead x let him?? Does she want him to be happy while she is dead? Worth the read to find out. There was a lot of British in this book that confused me a little and I could of used more sex between Rhys and Saff but I'm a smut lover.. I thought this book was put together really well and I loved the play list. Apr 10, Marissa rated it really liked it.

This was a really good story. Saffron and Rhys fall for each other quickly, and there are some sex scenes, just to let you know, and past all that, I think there was a hint of more than that fast pace lusty attraction. There is the fact that Rhys's deceased fiance, tries to haunt Saffron, and basically discourage her from being with Rhys, so does it work? There's also the fact that Rhys is This was a really good story. There's also the fact that Rhys is part of a successful band, and that environment was mentioned quite well.

He seems to tell the story the way many people tell ghost stories — matter of factly — and perhaps will the aim of exorcizing some of his past ghosts. As much as the story is about his downward spiral, it is even more so about his rise and the friend who held him up and kept him sane. Laura, who was very much a mystery in his life, unwilling to share much or any of her own truths, helped Nuzum keep track of, organize, and make peace with his own sorrows and fears and wobbliness.

Their friendship is entertaining and touching to read. Giving up the Ghost is a well written and compelling read. There's no ultimate resolution, of course, because life doesn't have many ultimate resolutions. Many mysteries stay mysteries, and human beings can't help but be haunted. Tthe ghosts of our past linger, hiding on the other side of the door whether we want them to or not.

Sep 29, M. Fenn rated it really liked it. Nuzum's memoir deals with his troubled childhood and adolescence, the Little Girl in the Blue Dress who he thought lived in his attic, and Laura, his best friend he knew next to nothing about. It's a poignant tale, sometimes funny, written from Nuzum's point of view as a fairly successful adult as he tries to figure out his fear of ghosts. He travels to some of the best known haunted places in the U. I really liked this book. Nuzum did a good job inspiring my interest in his life.

I was especially taken with his description of his relationship with the mysterious Laura. To me, she was the real ghost in his story, and I felt a little heartbroken to learn what little Nuzum discovered about her. I also enjoyed his haunted travels--they were a nice hook--and the description of his stay in the mental ward. It bogged down a little for me in the middle, as his mental decline was progressing, but that's my only complaint, and it could have been my mood as I was reading it, more than anything.

Mar 26, Sassafras rated it it was amazing Shelves: I picked this up from an end cap display in the library. The title and the subtitle had me hooked: At my local library you have to really want the non-fiction section as it requires ascending stairs and passing by he teen section. As a language teacher of adolescents, that bit doesn't deter me as it might other patrons. Eric Nu I picked this up from an end cap display in the library. Eric Nuzum now ranks among my favorite authors and I've only read one of his books. I listen to NPR and when I read about his connection to public radio I was all the more convinced that I was in the right place.

I knew hat he had survived his troubling adolescence because his memoir returned to the present with regularity. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal, or simply curious about another's trek through the 80s, this book will stir something in you. Maybe it will be memories. Perhaps it will be empathy. Undoubtedly, it will make you think. So is this memoir. Apr 15, Amanda rated it really liked it. Never has a book so made me want to be young again. Dec 06, Kali rated it really liked it. Most of the book reads like a novel and I found it a very engaging, quick read.

It's a combination of a coming-of-age story and an exploration of haunted places, with ghosts as the common theme tying everything together. Nuzum can't quite keep the fiction feeling up through the end, but since it's a memoir I will cut him some slack. Personally I think the book could have ended about 20 or so pages sooner and not lost anything. Apr 26, Stephanie rated it it was amazing.

I love a good memoir, and I really enjoyed this one. Great writing style, strange-yet not so strange really-characters, love, loss, and a sincere exploration of how our humanness haunts us all in one way or another. Being "haunted" by the past, by our own histories-it's just a part of life. How Nuzum dealt with that is what this book is made of, and I'm grateful he shared.

It's a very real book. Because life isn't always neat and tidy, so books shouldn't be either. Apr 11, Kelsey Adams rated it it was amazing. I really loved this book. Eric has a way of going into depth of his personal trauma and encounters with vivid detail. You can see his angry outbursts in your mind and can find them funny or depressing.

Anyone that has had a troubled past or an affiliation with substance abuse will appreciate this story. This depressing yet romantic love hate relationship with himself. The ghost aspect is riveting and alarming at times. Sometimes enough to keep you up with your own thoughts. Aug 26, Brian rated it did not like it. Oh man, I wanted to love this book. It's about, among other things, lost love, haunted places, and it's set in Ohio.

I even interrupted reading two other books to read this one because I was so excited about the possibilities. However, it just never comes together into anything other than essentially a list of events and a bunch of cliched conclusions. Dec 23, Peter Derk rated it it was ok. It's hard to give a book like this a bad review because my feelings about the author and my personal feelings about this whole situation definitely come into play. It's a hard thing. You might want to give a book a two-star rating, but somehow differentiate that from giving a person or his life a two-star rating.

The guy clearly went through some very rough things, and I don't want to armchair quarterback his life. The book feels, to me, like it was written too soon. In the thick of the whole th It's hard to give a book like this a bad review because my feelings about the author and my personal feelings about this whole situation definitely come into play. In the thick of the whole thing. I don't even mean too soon chronologically, but too soon psychologically.

Giving Up the Ghost

That's the blanket feeling I'm tucking this one in with. I DID, however, want to talk about the back of this book, the expectations it set up, and how it kind of spoiled the book for me. I would preface this review with "spoiler alert" except for the fact that the only spoiler in here is one that's on the back of the book. Most people have seen the movie Iron Man, so I'm not going to explain the whole thing, but as in most super hero movies we go through a painfully slow origin process.

Check out most super hero movies. It takes around 45 minutes before the first shield is thrown, web is slung, and flame is on'ed. In the preview for Iron Man you see Tony Stark emerge from a cave in a primitive version of the Iron Man suit, at which point he promptly starts blowing up terrorists. In the movie, Tony Stark is captured and made to work on some weird missile or some bullshit, and the whole time you're supposed to be wondering how he's going to get out of this pickle. It came up in huge letters on the screen, it's printed on your ticket, there is a sign above the theater you entered.

We are very prepared to see an Iron Man. So, if I hadn't seen that preview, and furthermore if I didn't already know that the movie I was watching was Iron Man, this double-cross while he was supposed to be constructing a missile would probably be an awesome reveal. It would be a Welcome to the Matrix moment of pure fanboy glee. We already have every expectation that it's coming. In fact, we as the audience know more about it than everyone in the goddamn movie. And two minutes into wondering if he's really making the missile thingy, I'm squirming in my seat and thinking, Jesus Christ, get in the damn Iron Man suit already.

Alright, so the back of this book tells us that this key person dies. So you expect, and and honestly I thought, the book would have a lot more to do with the aftermath of this death than the death itself. At what point does our hero learn about this death? Page of Moreover, he learns about it in a strange, revelatory sort of way. If the narrator is experiencing this as a surprise, if shock and surprise is part of the emotional equation, I need to experience that shock and surprise on some level too, and that's just not possible for me as I've already known for pages that it's coming.

Dec 20, Vivi Vo rated it it was amazing. Eric Nuzum tells the story of his ordeal in the book Giving Up the Ghost and how he plans to overcome his phobia of ghosts, mainly revolving around a blonde girl and in a blue dress who he believes is haunting him, both in his dreams and every aspect of his life. He starts his book reminiscing about his high school years in Canton, Ohio where he introduces his crush to his best friend at Puttolinks, a closed and rundown golf course.

Every person that Eric meets die within a couple months of know Eric Nuzum tells the story of his ordeal in the book Giving Up the Ghost and how he plans to overcome his phobia of ghosts, mainly revolving around a blonde girl and in a blue dress who he believes is haunting him, both in his dreams and every aspect of his life. Every person that Eric meets die within a couple months of knowing Eric which further strengthens his belief that he is being haunted by a ghost.

This ghost wears a blue dress and has only appeared in his dreams screaming hysterically. In an attempt to overcome his fears, Eric plans to go to the top haunted places in the world and do everything he was told not to do if he wants to come back alive, a truly insane way to overcome fear.

In one of his adventures, Eric Nuzum writes about the legends of Clinton Road, which were told by numerous superstitious travelers. Among his list he writes about how you should not help hitchhikers or a bride in need to be dropped off at her wedding chapel, flip off passing cars or eat bagels. Apparently, there is a legend that says that as you travel on Clinton Road, bagels will magically line up on the side of the road. If by any chance you decided to stop and eat a bagel, the Clinton Road satanists will sacrifice you, carting you off to some awful demise.

I found this passage rather silly, but it got a laugh from me despite the eerie theme of this book. It all adds up to a tale of bravery, an example that you can face your fears may it be for better or worse. Giving Up the Ghost tells his story very well with descriptive memories and a creepy two-page picture of his "ghost" memories, helping us relive his experiences and understand his absurd "Ericisms", or unique but strange habits of his. This book is great because it combines drama, horror, and a hint of humor. It was entertaining too, since I would never have the guts to do the things he did yet I got to be in his shoes for a while and 'feel the experience'.

It was more about how he copes with them, even if he has to open ever door that his wife closes to get rid of the spine-crawling feeling behind it. He never did got rid of his fear, but I believe that writing about his experience helped him take one step closer to expressing his feelings and leaving the little girl in the blue dress in his past, allowing him to live in the present and not let it affect his future. Jun 04, Danelle rated it liked it Shelves: Eric Nuzum grew up in Canton, Ohio in the 80's.

While he was in high school, he believed himself to be haunted by a ghost - a small girl in a blue dress who lived in his attic and showed up in his dreams. Whether She was a spectre, a ghost, a warning, or just a drug-induced hallucination, the result was Nuzum being committed to a psych ward. Numbing himself with drugs and alcohol, failing his classes, slowly pulling away from life, Nuzum had one thing keeping him from ending it all - a friendshi Eric Nuzum grew up in Canton, Ohio in the 80's.

Numbing himself with drugs and alcohol, failing his classes, slowly pulling away from life, Nuzum had one thing keeping him from ending it all - a friendship with a girl named Laura. It was Laura who brought him back to life - to living; but in a weird twist Laura became a ghost in his life. Nuzum, now a grown man, is ready to face his "ghosts. This book paints the perfect portrait of growing up in the midwest - this wide-open space where you nevertheless feel boxed in; it's both funny and sad. The writing is clear and has a journalistic-slant to it - especially in the chapters when Nuzum is on a ghost hunt or tour.

It's a sad and painful story with hints at humor. I found the humor not really funny, it was just enough to not push me into feeling completely uncomfortable. Overall I thought his searching out actual ghosts for answers to his own ghosts an intriguing way to go on his journey. The book is full of death, life, hauntings, grieving and living. I receieved a copy of this through the firstreads program.

Jan 01, Cemeterygal rated it really liked it. I heard the author interviewed on NPR, which made me want to read this book. I really wanted to like it and like it a lot, and I did like it. Was it was different than I expected? If you are the type of person who wants everything answered at the end of a book and tied up in a neat little bow, you will be disappointed I admit I was--I want the neat little bow. There are some mysteries in this book that are never resolved. Sometimes there are things that happen in our live I heard the author interviewed on NPR, which made me want to read this book.

Sometimes there are things that happen in our lives that don't make sense and never will. That being said, it is a book worth reading. Like most memoirs, it focuses on a specific time period of Nuzum's life. While it shifts in time from the 80s to present time, it is about his life around the age of It's about friendship, the suckiness of adolescence, and mental illness though he doesn't really say if he continued to get treatment for it It's about ghosts, but not really. There are a few ghosts, but most of the ghosts are of the past. Nuzum's experience reminded me a lot of an old troubled friend of mine and what he went through at this same age.

Reading about a young man lost and spiraling into chaos was all too familiar. The the most looming ghost in this book is not Little Girl. It's his friendship with Laura. I think most of us have probably lost a friend either through death or time, so it's easy to relate. On the back cover, author Rob Sheffield says of the book that it makes "you wonder if there's any difference between being young and being haunted. Dec 26, Meghan O'Dea rated it really liked it. The subtitle advertises this book as one about 80s rock, in the marketing vein of Rob Sheffield's "Talking to Girls about Duran Duran" or "Love is a Mixtape.

Lycia - Give up the Ghost (With Lyrics)

This is an imperfect book built on an imperfect premise-- the interstitial ghost hunting sections feel like the operate more by the logic of a man writing a book and needing materi The subtitle advertises this book as one about 80s rock, in the marketing vein of Rob Sheffield's "Talking to Girls about Duran Duran" or "Love is a Mixtape.

This is an imperfect book built on an imperfect premise-- the interstitial ghost hunting sections feel like the operate more by the logic of a man writing a book and needing material than a man actually seeking emotional release through gimmicky ghost tourism. Nuzums quest may be genuine, but because he writes so much more movingly about experiences in the distant past, and because they are so much more emotionally resonant, one wonders if he simply needed to live additional material.

That said, the way Canton operates in this book is the real treasure. You travel to a Rust Belt midwestern landscape that in no longer exists quite the way it did in the s, to its warehouses and punk venues and deserted businesses. This is a story that could not take place anywhere else but where it does, and the parallels between Canton's decline and the author's give the book a strength and tenor that is more than a sum of its parts.

You can fire up a mix of the songs mentioned in the book, from Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" to The Killing Joke's "Fire Dances," but you won't be transported to Nuzum's world completely unless you listen to that playlist as you cruise Ohio's lonely back highways. Trust me, the effects were great in my case: Jul 25, Alea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oooh did I like this book! It was serious but funny and sad but exciting! It had a little bit of everything and gave me a lot to think about! Right off the bat I loved the main character, Cass, she was relatable and likable and I totally would have been friends with her even if I am a breather!

She's the outsider that used to be an insider until her best friend turned on her out of jealously. So now she lives her life chatting with her friends that no one else can see, ghosts. I really like the Oooh did I like this book! I really like the first ghost we meet, and I'm not going to spoil who that is because I didn't know about them until I picked up the book and I was pleasantly surprised. Besides that unnamed ghost we have the two ghosts that "haunt" Cass's high school, Norris and Bitzy.

They report back to Cass about the naughty going-ons of the students and staff of the high school and she basically throws it into their face that she knows what they are up to. We see a lot more of Norris than Bitzy, I'm not really sure why but I would have liked to have seen more of Bitzy, they are good friends to Cass. Another character we meet is Tim the student council vice president, and in the same group as Cass's old best friend, which makes him instantly the enemy.

But when Tim needs Cass's help he doesn't take no for an answer and it opens up a whole new world for Cass. I thought that Cass and Tim played off each other beautifully and I loved watching their friendship group. Ok enough about the characters, Give Up the Ghost had a great sense of humor about it.

The way Cass describes people or the comments she made, it definitely had me laughing! And while the book was really funny it was also sad in a good way at parts. And that balance made me love the book that much more, it covers all the bases. Numerous times I've talked about my relationship with paranormal books and how I'm still testing the waters with books that have fantastical elements in them, and this is another one that is right up my alley.

My own personal type of paranormal book, I'd definitely recommend this one! Nov 01, Princess Bookie rated it really liked it. I picked this book up after it had been sitting in my TBR a while. I'm sorry I waited so long! I thoroughly enjoyed the story! We are introduced to Cass who sees ghosts, she is termed weird by all the other students at her school. Nobody wants to talk to her, or be seen with her. She has a few friends who are ghosts so she doesn't mind it too much, she always has "someone" to talk too.

She discovered she could talk to ghosts after her sister's death. Yes, her sister stuck around and My Thoughts: Yes, her sister stuck around and now talks to her. I love her "friends" and how they tell her all the gossip on everyone! They are always there to hear the best stuff! We than meet Tim who is the guy who is popular. He starts to bug Cass about helping him with "something. I really liked this book. It flowed together well! The story fit, the characters fit. It did remind me a little bit of the tv show Ghost Whisperer, but in my opinion that is wonderful since I love that show!

But it has its own complete story and its a wonderful novel. I really felt like I was getting to know Cass and was really enjoying having Tim around. Tim was going through a lot in in his life and I could relate to the both of them very much. There wasn't much romance in the book but enough to make it worthy. It was a great first novel for Megan Crewe!! I really enjoyed Give Up The Ghost.

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If it had been longer, I would have been happy to keep reading! It does end at a good point though! It is a quick light read. Go Read it Now! Jul 08, April rated it liked it Shelves: Well, she can interact with ghosts, who see everything. However, there is one little problem, some has discovered Cass's secret and now she must decide the value of interacting with humans for a change. Read the rest of my review here. Apr 23, Rebekah rated it really liked it. This book is worth 4. The story was different, but done amazingly well. I was hesitant at first, mainly because it sounded like any other ghost story.

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However, this was one of the ghost stories done well. I recommend it for everyone: Apr 23, Alexandra Ravena rated it really liked it. A book that demonstrated us as boys and girls can be just friends. Actual rating - 2. It wasn't an awful read though.

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Sean O'Shea has spent the past hundred years as a ghost, lost between worlds, because he was never able to come to terms with the way his wife died. Giving Up the Ghost (Laying a Ghost Book 2) - Kindle edition by Alexa Snow, Jane Davitt. If these things appeal to you at all, then this is the trilogy for you!.

Jul 09, K. Wiggins rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a really solid paranormal YA entry. Ghosts, in the non-scary sense, not shifters etc. I found the MC's voice a little rough at the start, but came to appreciate how prickly and challenging she was. It covers some tough territory, with family deaths, bullying, adults not coping well, secrets and backstabbing, substance abuse and suicidal This was a really solid paranormal YA entry.

It covers some tough territory, with family deaths, bullying, adults not coping well, secrets and backstabbing, substance abuse and suicidal depression, but feels clever, sarcastic and ultimately has some real heart to it, instead of just being bleak, grim, or miserable. The slow, tentative change arcs were unusually authentic; this plot felt like it reflects life better than most, but since it doesn't follow genre conventions and rigid plot structure so completely, it takes a little more work from the reader to appreciate.

Not just throwaway entertainment, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. Great quality; no issues with the editing or proofreading at all, which is refreshing. Bonus points for Canadian author! Will certainly look up her other books. Apr 13, Daccari Buchelli rated it it was amazing. From Megan Crewe comes Give up the Ghost, an unusual tale that sees young Cassie able to interact with spirits. Both sarcastic and brave, Cassie seeks to help out an unlikely friend, to act as a bridge of communication between worlds.

The author had me hooked from the first sentence, making me question the nature of Cassie's life and abilities. Hers is a deeply personal journey that touched my heart in many ways. I could feel every stitch of Cassie's heartache and adored her awkward, yet brutally From Megan Crewe comes Give up the Ghost, an unusual tale that sees young Cassie able to interact with spirits. I could feel every stitch of Cassie's heartache and adored her awkward, yet brutally honest personality. Jul 06, Deltay rated it really liked it Shelves: With Megan Crewe's brilliant debut Give up the Ghost, one has to give up one's preconceived notions about YA ghost stories of the modern age.

It blows them straight out of the water. The overall vibe and connotation of Give up the Ghost is "[bright: The concept of ghosts isn't new, but Crewe sets them up in a way that's entirely her own, and it's always intriguing to see new spins on old ideas. The main thread that the story follows makes for With Megan Crewe's brilliant debut Give up the Ghost, one has to give up one's preconceived notions about YA ghost stories of the modern age. The main thread that the story follows makes for a very interesting plot - in short, a page-turner that grips the audience and does not let go, charging them to walk the pages of the book like ghosts walk the places they once inhabited.

Give up the Ghost definitely has very interesting characterization. For one thing, Cass McKenna's "mission to expose the dirty secrets of the poseurs in her school" is a trait of someone who's not your average preppy teenage girl. She's gritty, she's raw, but most importantly, Cass is real.

Crewe isn't afraid to show Cass's flaws, and that's what endears her the audience.

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It's also nice to see a strong protagonist, to see a role reversal on the whole damsel-in-distress motif. And as for Tim? Tim's definitely a very interesting male lead, and for good reason too. Again, his flaws make him more credible. It's also very refreshing to get a YA lit boy who isn't described as perfect - physically or otherwise.

Crewe has also done a brilliant job of using her characters and plot as conduits to explore the theme of appearances vs. Although Give up the Ghost may seem like just a ghost story on the surface, it's so much more. It's got elements of paranormal, of contemporary, of edgy YA - and this is what breathes life into the story. For the most part, the minor characters as well were nicely done, whether they were ghosts or "breathers".

Personally I found it a little hard to connect with her parents, but then again, as it is from Cass's POV and she doesn't have a great relationship with them, it's understandable. What really impressed me was Crewe's portrayal of high school. Perhaps it's not entirely what my school is like, or what your school is like - but it doesn't matter.

The evocative connotations Crewe brought to life, the aura she conjured - basically, it all added up to make the setting seem credible and real. A few quirks here and there, but for the most part, the dialogue and teen voice was relatively well done. The phrase "shoot the breeze" was new though; I hadn't heard that before. I guess you learn something new with every book. A few things would've been nice to get a little more clarification on, in terms of background information, but it works as is too. It's a combination of characters, of writing, etc.

Giving Up the Ghost (13 Shades of Red, #1) by S.A. Price

Crewe definitely pushed the envelope with Give up the Ghost, and although it may be unexpected where the story goes, now it's hard to imagine it going any other way. In short, Give up the Ghost is masterfully done. Megan Crewe has created an engrossing, illuminating, and captivating tale - a very welcome debut to the YA community.

Jul 10, Prodhi rated it really liked it. So when it first landed on my lap, I literally squealed. So naturally, I had a lot to expect from this book. Cass McKenna is a social pariah, made so by the overreaction and revenge taken by her ex-best friend just because Cass got a place in the debate team that she wanted by chance, and got to be around the guy that she liked. Now, this idea may seem inf It's a 4. It was made to be a story that could happen to anyone and everyone. Even the ghosts have well-crafted characters, which serves as a fresh breath of air. The trust issues that hold Cass back are very neatly justified, not like an essay in itself but gradually as the story progresses.

That is exactly why when she hesitates from being a friend to Tim, her defiance does not annoy us—rather it makes us empathize with her. Tim is one heck of an adorable character. He feels utterly lonely at this point, and the emotions that he feels are amazingly communicates with the reader. The way Cass takes baby steps towards giving people a chance and not be so stereotyping and opinionated made me admire her. She also gradually but awkwardly comes to terms with the fact that she genuinely cares about Tim.

The book certainly had a neat quality about it. What I felt could have been better were: The characters could have used a little more depth—especially Cass. Same goes with Tim. Everything put together and weighed out against each other, I would recommend this book as a good reader to any reader looking for a spanking new plotline and outlook. The book also has high entertainment value and should keep you occupied throughout the entire read. Cass McKenna is one angry girl. Ever since she parted ways with her childhood best friend, she's been absolutely mean-spirited.

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Instead of trying to move on with her life, Cass is on a mission to tear down and make fools of her fellow classmates. Cass knows things about them that she definitely didn't witness first hand because she's able to communicate with ghosts. There are 3 ghosts that hang around her school and spy on her classmates for her. Anything they find out, Cass uses against them to Cass McKenna is one angry girl. Anything they find out, Cass uses against them to bring them down and to make herself feel better. Then someone suspects what Cass can do, and coaxes her into helping him make contact with his recently dead mother.

Though she doesn't want to admit it at first, she's becoming friends with him. The more time that Tim spends with her, the more he is able to see through the shallowness of the people he calls friends. Whether they want to admit it, Cass and Tim need each other, and Cass is going to have to let go of her prejudices if she's going to keep Tim from joining his mom on the other side. This wasn't at all what I was hoping for with this book, and by the time I made it all the way through I was pretty disappointed. Maybe I should have read more reviews, tried a chapter or two before buying it so I knew more of what I was getting myself into.

I wanted more ghosty stuff, but the ghosts are merely part of the device to get Cass and Tim talking to one another. I wish that Crewe had developed that aspect of this novel more, maybe let us know how exactly Cass is able to communicate with ghosts. All we know is that she couldn't see ghosts, but then her sister drowned and became a ghost, and now she sees them everywhere.