The Three Loves of Eliza Caine

But he was very gay and I didn't want to go because I was too scared. SIR Michael Caine worked in a butter factory before his acting career took off. You think, 'Well, I'm good' and then you suddenly realise that no one else is. I think this particular role doesn't apply to me personally. I plan to live to at least , which means another 25 years to go.

Being a movie actor is like being knighted. To walk with him through country lanes is amazing as he'll tell you the name of every plant and shrub. My parents had no idea it really meant something in other languages. In Arabia, it means 'one who gives thanks to God. It's so crowded I worry the shelf will fall over and hit me on the head. Now I have this incredible luxury of doing exactly what I want. I don't want to get up at six and learn 10 pages of dialogue and go and work with a load of people I don't like in something I didn't want to do.

So it's got to be quite something to get me out of bed.

“This House is Haunted” by John Boyne

The event is due to take place on 11 December in Oslo, Norway. So you can't die there. They keep you alive just to make money. I'm too bleeding old. They're frightened I'll drop dead. So I wear all black, with sunglasses and a baseball hat. If you walk fast, no one will stop you. Perhaps he's not quite seen the same side of it as I have. When he does it's, 'Oh look, there's the paparazzi, hello mate I'm too bleedin' old. He used to say, 'I can't bloody act with my own face. Michael Caine once shared a flat with his barber, Vidal Sassoon.

It'll scare the daylights out of you. I changed my accent and kept my name. He's working all the time and I can't get a bloody job! The singer's father is a longtime friend of the British actor. There are no real Alfies anymore. Women haven't allowed it. I never use it.

Caine takes the lead in this sequel to The Poseidon Adventure, going up against 70s icon Telly Savalas. A sequel to the earlier Poseidon Adventure. But their plan is foiled by evil Greeks led by Telly Savalas who are there in search of a cargo of plutonium. A man on a mission, Caine takes on an Arab prince to rescue his wife, but he couldn't rescue this film. A doctor Caine is working in an African village when his wife is kidnapped by a slave trader, who sells her to a cucumber sandwich-munching Arab prince Omar Sharif.

The doctor hires mercenaries to help him rescue his wife and they trek across the Sahara on camels, like a cross between Lawrence Of Arabia and Carry On Follow That Camel. In Blue Ice he plays a retired MI6 agent who is betrayed and tortured as much as the audience was. When her friend goes missing, she asks him to use his old spying skills in tracking him down.

I took him up on to the roof of my building. Michael Jennings Caine is a corrupt oil tycoon who will stop at nothing to open a refinery in Alaska. When an environmentally aware new age thug Steven Seagal, who also directed this movie tries to stop him, Jennings has him killed. Or so he thinks. In this romantic comedy, two middle-aged executives — Matthew and Victor — go on holiday with their respective year-old daughters.

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Much farcical dangling out of windows in his underpants and hiding under beds ensues. Matthew eventually confesses to Victor, but the spectacular fallout he expects never comes. Oh how they all laughed. I should spank you. Another failed sequel to feature Caine, Jaws: The Revenge actually features a shark biting a plane.

She flees to the Bahamas with her pilot boyfriend Hoagie Caine. She hires a boat to kill it and Hoagie flies to her aid, but the vindictive flying fish takes a bite out of his plane. Lured by the magic word Jaws, audiences took the bait. Too much fatty food.

Humans are full of cholesterol, you know.

This House is Haunted

The Island features Caine as a journalist who takes his son on a good-old-fashioned pirate fighting trip. A journalist sets out to discover why so many boats disappear near the Bermuda Triangle. Naturally, he takes his year-old son with him. Both are kidnapped and taken to an island run by pirates. One night Caine manages to sneak on to a U.

  1. Inkubus: Thriller (Allgemeine Reihe. Bastei Lübbe Taschenbücher) (German Edition).
  2. The Gun Clubs Guide to Fund Raisers.
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Some kind of religious cult? Caine plays Dolan 36th, head of a mysterious organisation called The Axe and Cross, a branch of the Catholic Church responsible for keeping modern-day witches in check. Dolan is killed and witch-hunter Kaulder played by Vin Diesel declares it the work of his witch nemesis — a 14th-century sorceress who has returned to unleash the Black Death on Manhattan. Did someone cast an evil spell on the cinemagoers? The ironically titled Bullseye! Two renegade nuclear scientists Caine and Roger Moore have discovered the formula to limitless energy.

Two small-time crooks also played by Caine and Moore hear about this. As good fortune would have it, they look exactly like the scientists, whom they impersonate in order to steal the formula. Everyone concerned becomes embroiled in a world of international intrigue and espionage. In a dead-end job and a loveless marriage, Larry is convinced his life would have been better had he not lost a baseball game as a child.

He meets a barman called Mike Caine who has magic powers. Larry asks Mike to show him how his life would have turned out had he not struck out at the baseball game.

Garance Werthmuller

Turns out his life would have been even more rubbish than it already was. Not so magical after all.


A teenage adventurer accompanied by his stepdad played by U. The race is on to escape the island and an erupting volcano.

‘Three Identical Strangers’ Explores ...

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Caine plays Nigel Powers, the randy superspy father of Austin. Nigel is kidnapped by villain Goldmember. Austin rescues his dad, but is captured by Dr Evil. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.


I've been drunk in the past but before I knew I was a control freak! She flees to the Bahamas with her pilot boyfriend Hoagie Caine. Hero officer Keith Palmer was stabbed 12 times by Westminster Bridge attacker as it emerges firearms police You've got to give a good performance. A man on a mission, Caine takes on an Arab prince to rescue his wife, but he couldn't rescue this film. Macy prove they are still a perfect match after 21 years of marriage as they arrive at Emmy Awards in black suits. The Mysterious Island and Caine will play a grandfather role.

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