Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games

POSTMODERN IMPERIALISM Geopolitics and the Great Games

Without hostile neighbours, it would be of no use to the US. This extends from what is labelled the Jewish mafia crime syndicates through its political influence within the U. Ultimately though, because Israel is also tied to US dollar hegemony, it rests uncomfortably. Actions of the Israeli state could bring about an endgame that hastens the US collapse. And finally, Walberg concludes that "Without Israel at its core, the US empire quite possibly could have lasted a long time…But unless the US frees itself from Israel's clutches and forces it to make peace with its neighbors, the US is doomed along with its offspring.

And yet it has never really existed as a legitimate modern state. Both Israel and the U. With all economies of the world beholden to the banksters of the world - the WTO, IMF, supra-national corporations, the financial corporations and bankers at all levels - the current world order stands firmly on earthquake prone territory. Eric Walberg's treatise on the Great Games, on Empire, is an excellent read. It is not a blow by blow account of the rise and fall of empires involved with the Great Games, but an accounting of their methods and raison d'etre.

It is a dense read, provocative, bold, touching on ideas that seldom appear in mainstream presentations.

This week we saw the publication of Eric Walberg's "Postmodern Imperialism Geopolitics- And The Great Games " Clarity Press , a substantial addition to the aforementioned and precious 'out of the box' category. The book sketches a fascinating historical journey that provides Walberg with the necessary means to unveil the unique particularity of the postmodern conditions we are subject to.

Walberg provides us with an extensive expose of the depth of the Zionist penetration into Western thought and the destructive power of Israeli imperial wars. In order to achieve his goal, Walberg sets an historical template. He identifies three crucial phases in the past and recent imperial affairs: Great Game I GGI refers to 'classical imperialism' with competing empires vying for territories and resources. Great Game II GGII refers largely to the cold war and the alliance of formerly competing Western empires under US hegemony in an attempt to restrain communism and contain its influence.

It starts roughly with the collapse of the Soviet block. It can be described broadly in Neo-conservative terms as American unilateral world domination through absolute military superiority. But such a definition would be misleading. In reality we encounter the total Israeli-fication of America and its elites. In practice what we see is America willingly lending its might to a miniature Jewish state. Walberg's analysis is there to explain the shameless reaction of American senators and congressmen to Netanyahu's speech recently.

It explains why America, once regarded as a leader of the free world, is now lending its destructive might to the miniature Jewish state. The frightening truth is that Israel is now an 'Empire and -a -Half' as Walberg calls it. It has, at its disposal, the world's only super- power that fights its wars by proxy and provides for its needs.

Eric Walberg's "Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games" ()

Devastatingly enough, America doesn't find within itself the power to liberate itself. The world's single super power's elite is practically held hostage by a miniature state and its supportive lobbies.

Like other significantly illuminating texts, Walberg provides the reader with the fundamental means to intercept the Zion-ised reality in which we live. Those who read the book may be able to grasp the current Murdoch affair and the role of his media empire within the context of global Zionism. Just less than a year ago, the media magnate accepted the ADL Award. In Murdoch's media network rallied in support of the 'War Against Terror'.

Murdoch should have been stopped by the British Government or the Parliament, but as it seems, all recent British Governments and parties have been supported heavily by the Israeli Lobby in Britain. When this country was taken into an illegal war in Iraq, Lord cashpoint Levy was Tony Blair's 'number one' fundraiser. Walberg produces a thorough reading of the various elements that made Israel into an 'Empire and -a -Half'. Fearlessly he looks into Judaism: Walberg also examines the tactics and strategies that are put into action by Israel and its supporters: He elaborates on the Israeli Lobby and their media manipulation.

He also discloses the role of some Jewish elements within the Left in stifling free discourse and diverting attention from the real issues. Towards the end of the book Walberg reveals the bitter truth -- Israel is actually far more independent than America, its supportive backing empire: Its Diaspora community and Chabad network, found in virtually every corner of the globe, facilitate its game plan, keeping ahead of US plans and technology through its American Sayanim, operatives, spies and powerful lobby.

It seems as if Israel is well ahead of America in every possible field. But that was how i saw myself, galloping along the St Lawrence, a watchful eye out for the enemy yonder across the mighty river. The dirt road is now a bicycle lane sometimes more, sometimes less that followed--by a stretch of the imagination--the 18th century trail that once bound Canada together. Forget the mindless hurtling by, for the most part, out of sight and sound.

Life in the womb of Upper Canada. Eric Walberg has now written three books on the topic of Islamic culture in relation to Western geo-politics and world events.

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He is a prolific journalist and scholar who has lived in Central Asia and the Middle East 1. Issues that deal with religion, culture and geo-politics are inherently complex. Since communist-totalitarianism in its most overt form fell in the East, a new boogie man needed to to be invented in order to justify the military industrial complex.

The gradual demonisation of Muslims in the Hollywood media See the documentary: The myth of the Muslim Terrorist was born. For this reason, Walberg's book is a healthy antidote to our largely uninformed and biased views on the world's largest growing religious grouping. Eric Walberg is a Canadian journalist who converted to Islam and has been covering the Middle East for a number of years.

I do not know whether there are other books about Islam by converts, but this one is written by someone who is fiercely political and who sees Islam as a remedy to the world's ills. This is an ambitious book that may suffer from being at once an argument for Islam as the solution to the woes of the modern world and an analysis of the various aspects of Islamism as well as a history of Islamism's progress or lack thereof by country.

Today, the "playing field" -- the geopolitical context -- is broader than it was in either the 19th or 20th century games, though Eurasia continues to be "center field", where most of the world's population and energy resources lie. Based in these historical and anthropological perspectives his critiques of US imperial power and foreign policy are complemented by long study of critical or reflexive Continental philosophy and neo-Marxist social history and theory. Even as the troops retreated, mujahideen snipers continued to target them, with US arms still being poured into what was already a powder keg. His articles appear in Russian, German, Spanish and Arabic and are accessible at his website ericwalberg. Internal contradictions of the US efforts to control the globe seem now to be sending things spiraling out of control. Great American tradition Blum is a legend from the s, as the first to amass detailed proof of false flags by the US government.

The fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet - growing faster, according to Time magazine, than the population - notwithstanding Islamophobia - suggests that its appeal is fundamentally different from that of other religions, and Walberg makes that point eloquently, quoting Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member Essam el-Erian, on the Iranian revolution:. Kevin Barrett has become a legend in the US as a fearless journalist who cuts to the quick, his political and analytic skills leading to provocative, truthful explanations of our mostly inexplicable reality.

His website is TruthJihad.

He builds on a well-established American journalistic tradition of brave exposers of government misdoings. Bill Blum and Seymour Hirsh are best known, but there are hundreds more. Blum is a legend from the s, as the first to amass detailed proof of false flags by the US government. If you still have any trust in the US government's foreign policy, you haven't read Blum's Killing Hope: There's no question that the false flag experts in the US government weren't aware of the greatest terrorist event in US history.

David Shipler interviews several of these forgotten heroes in Freedom of Speech: Mightier Than the Sword Ken Ballen, Terrorists in Love: This is a strange book—a racy title, documenting the way six jihadis turned to al-Qaeda and its spin-offs in desperation to find some kind of fulfilment in life. There are several Romeo and Juliette stories, though the author seems oblivious to the fact that the 'love' in the title is mostly about devotion to God, however mistaken. As well as his extended interviews in Saudi Arabia, he gained access to several jihadis still on the run, and relates a truly remarkable story—if he is to be believed—of a Saudi royal son who discovers he is gay and has a passionate affair with his cousin before joining the jihad.

Canadian journalist Eric Walberg has produced two very impressive works that between them cover most of what is politically relevant today: Walberg admits that the internet made his task easier, but without a very thorough grounding in political theory and history, they could not have been written. Walberg shows globalization's brutality, and with theory to back him up, lays it squarely at imperialism's door.

The scope of this work is vast, but I have chosen one quote that is particularly relevant to current events. Since , the European Union, built up painstakingly after two world wars devastated the continent, has been teetering on collapse, and I have often affirmed that it is a deliberate American policy to destroy that elaborate welfare state. Walberg's confirmation is stunning:. The New York Police Department has tried for decades to recruit Muslim immigrants, and was finally embarrassed by a ACLU lawsuit to disband its most public recruiting unit, which essentially blackmailed anyone with a Muslim name arrested on any pretext, including parking tickets.

The most successful double agent prior to Morten Storm was Omar Nasiri b. He revealed all in his fascinating memoirs Inside the Jihad: Thoughts on From Postmodernism to Postsecularism. Re-emerging Islamic Civilization http: The book is an extensive exposition on Islamic Civilization itself.

It covers the whole spectrum of dynasties, major episodes and personalities which is why the book should be an important reference for students of the civilization. There have been endeavours in that direction in the past—some successes, many failures. In this regard, I am wondering why you did not mention specifically the moral indictment of Muawiyyah by Abu-Dharr Al-Giffari who some would view as the first major critic of the creeping injustices in early Muslim leadership?

This path along this alternate view is created strongly, with an obvious sympathy for the parts of Islam that are little known to the capitalist imperial view. It is a fully comprehensive path, leading the reader through time and through not just the Middle East, but on into Northern Africa, the Sahel, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The path always interacts with the imperial capitalist landscape ranging from the original European nationalist empires of France, Britain, Spain, and Holland on through to the hegemonic empire of the United States that has subordinated the previous empires into its fold. This has been done through military backing of corporate enterprises and many financial maneuverings that have — up until now — managed to stretch this empire into a full global span. Following that, it presents a broad history of Islam up until the era of the First World War.

While the interactions with Christianity were often violent, Islamic expansion eastward generally tended to be accomplished more peacefully through trade and missionaries — the latter of course being against the military corporate interests of the west.

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Re-emerging Islamic Civilization , Clarity Press, Hathaway Most western Middle East experts see Islam as a problem for the West -- a source of terrorism, religious fanaticism, unwanted immigrants -- and they see their job as helping to change the Middle East so it's no longer a problem for us. Eric Walberg, however, recognizes that this is another instance of the Big Lie. The actual problem is the multifaceted aggression the West has been inflicting on the Middle East for decades and is determined to continue, no matter what the cost to them and us will be.

His books and articles present the empirical evidence for this with scholarly precision and compassionate concern for the human damage done by our imperialism. Brains Wired to Connect" Brain research and social psychology have made astounding advances in understanding the mind. These two books will blow yours.

Review of Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games

The implications for western 'civilization' are profound. Here are some notes. These notes summarize the main findings of twinning studies during the past century which lead to some startling conclusions.

The last great secular social justice project — socialism — has failed with the demise of the Soviet Union. Islam and its attendant political-social-economic doctrines are viable alternative routes to social justice. Islam is the only alternative that can deliver social justice.

Brink! The Game of Geopolitics and War: Teaser

Therefore, Islam is the universal way to social justice. I recall young Egyptian friends who were 'politicized' after the uprising. Islam has a complete social doctrine which opposes the exploitation of man by man and lending at interest. For this reason, Islam is, in the contemporary world after the end of communism, the great alternative to capitalism. Massimo Campanini, one of the leading Italian scholars of the field, in his History of the Middle East , confirms that Islam stands as challenge to the idea of "end of history".

But this challenge is not extremist Islam and terrorism, which in his opinion is already defeated, but two other "Islamists". Resisting The Modernist Nightmare: Islam As Road To Peace? However, the Cold War itself may have been a ruse to some extent in order to justify the growth of global totalitarian government and corporate power in both the West and East, and as a result a peaceful world was never achieved.

This seamless transition that benefited the military industrial complex and zionist warmongers was practically lifted out of a Hollywood script. This book is a continuation of my earlier work, Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games , though it stands on its own. My purpose in Postmodern Imperialism was to give a picture of the world from the viewpoint of those on the receiving end of imperialism.

See a Problem?

It traces the manipulation of Islamists by imperialism, and poses the question: What are the implications of the revival of Islamic thought and activism for the western imperial project? The subject of this work is the expansion of Islam since the seventh century, when revelations delivered to the Prophet Muhammad led to its consolidation as the renewal and culmination of Abrahamic monotheism.

It looks at the parallels between the Muslim world today and past crises in Islamic civilization, which gave impetus to reforms and renewal from within, relying on the Quran and hadiths,1 and attempts to interpret recent history from the viewpoint of the Muslim world—how it sees the imposition on it of western systems and beliefs, and how it is dealing with this. Geopolitics and the Great Games. Recent history for even the casual observer of international affairs has been plagued by wars and conflicts in specific regions of the world. For many, using the term imperialism and connecting it to the USA is at best inappropriate.

For others, American interventions in particular countries or specific regions of the world represent the practices of a hegemonic power and the expansion of an American empire. Some even argue that the nature of American imperialism is utterly novel, and deserving of a new label: DNA not just data, but data processor. Review of Heaven on Earth: Guided missives Ard ard Surface-to-surface: The story of a graffiti revolution Sherif Abdel-Megid Egyptian Association for Books ISBN Graffiti -- the art of the masses, by the masses, for the masses -- has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and arguably to Pharaonic Egypt.

Sherif Abdel-Megid, a writer who works for Egyptian television, boasts that Egypt's revolution and the explosion of popular art that followed it finds its roots in the decay of the Sixth dynasty in Egypt's Old Kingdom, following the reign of Pepi II BC , credited with having the longest reign of any monarch in history at 94 years Mubarak, eat your heart out.

His own decline paralleled the disintegration of the kingdom and it is thanks to Pharaonic graffiti that we know about it. Almost always, what follows disappoints. Let the Games Begin…Again…and Again The great disaffected masses tell us that history is on the march and, as usual, guns and butter are the simpler issues. In America, support dwindles for a war that has lasted a decade. The mask of America-First patriotism is falling, revealing an intoxicated self-grandiosity and will to power by renascent Bush-era neocons and cynical manipulations by the CEO caste and other one-percenters for more and more wealth, and whose sense of entitlement the victims of class warfare, lumpen proles and petit bourgeoisie alike, seem unable to stomach any longer.

The unavoidable irony is that the Pax Americana seems to be requiring endless war with no particular rationale behind it — and truly astonishing numbers of dollars are spent on behalf of war rather than at home. All empires have births and deaths — the US Empire will be no different. Internal contradictions of the US efforts to control the globe seem now to be sending things spiraling out of control. Perhaps understandably, his interests and insights inspired by the Islamic world make him a penetrating commentator on peoples who are a product of Christian and Jewish tradition. T hough the number of critical voices concerning Israel, Zionism and Jewish power is growing steadily, a clear distinction can be made on the one hand between contributors who operate within the discourse and are politically oriented, and others who transcend themselves above and beyond any given political paradigm.

The former category refers to writers and scholars who operate 'within the box,' accepting the restrictive measures of a given political and intellectual discourse. A thinker who operates within such a framework would initially identify the boundaries of the discourse, and then shape his or her ideas to fit in accordingly. The latter category refers to a far more challenging intellectual attempt: It relates to those minds that think 'out of the box'. And it is actually those who, like artists, plant the seeds of a possible conceptual and consciousness shift. Gilad Atzmon is a world citizen who calls London his home.

Three books recently published by the American radical publisher Clarity Press reflect different aspects of racism in the US, which even under a black president is unfortunately alive and well, promoted in US policy at home and abroad -- if not officially:. Monarchy was more tolerant. A society can be civilized without recognizing rights, while one based on rights may be tainted with barbarism Austria-Hungary abolished torture in Enlightenment hostile to Christianity but used Christian framework.

Geopolitics and the Great Games" How green is your deen? Berrett-Koehler, Muslim Americans are slowly beginning to make their mark on their very conflicted society. There are more Muslims than Jews in the US now -- approximately 5 million. They are the most diverse of all American believers, 35 per cent born in the US 25 per cent Afro-American , the rest -- immigrants from southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Traditionally they have voted Republican, but have shifted to Democrat and Green parties in recent years.

Three new publications from the leading radical British press are the tip of a growing iceberg of passionate pleas for sanity in international affairs. Most of us prefer to stick our heads in the sand as the world goes to hell in a hand-basket, but there are works that can fascinate and uplift, perhaps even inspire us to do something before it is too late. Time and its discontents. Time becomes real because it has consequences. Flow of time 'the distinction between what one needs and what one has, the incipience of regret' Guyau Carpe diem, but civ ilization forces us to mortgage the present to the future.

It didn't like the Jews Js because they were clever, quick-witted, successful, but also because they were noisy and push. It didn't like what we were doing here in the Land of Israel either, because it begrudged us even this meager strip of marshland, boulders, and desert. Out there in the world all the walls were covered with graffiti: Yids, get out of Palestine. Shamir has known controversy most of his life, notably when he was forced to leave the Soviet Union for demonstrating defiantly against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.