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What made you want to make a film about Canadians in Hollywood? It was originally an idea I had for a book because any time I've gone down to the States, particularly in Hollywood, I kept bumping into Canadians who were way more patriotic than they are in Canada.

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Canadians generally became less sympathetic to American influence and foreign policy. Buffalo mine protected vehicle. In preparations, "soldiers needed to know as much as possible about local customs, culture, and politics, and about the nature and motivation of groups that might oppose the establishment of peace and order. The Canadian Forces lost over 34 vehicles and were damaged during the mission in Afghanistan. Retrieved 20 July Army for their actions in combat during Operation Anaconda , 2—11 March

In Canada if I'm from Edmonton and you're from Toronto, we don't necessarily decide that's enough for us to be pals. But when you're in Hollywood — 'Oh, you're from Scarborough — fantastic! And I was surprised by the history of Hollywood; that it really did start with a bunch of Canadians ending up out there for studio builds. I was surprised by the history of Canadians helping to establish Hollywood as well.

Who were you going for in terms of interview subjects? We wanted to get a range of people from established big names to people who are up and coming because we wanted a full range of what it's like to be a Canadian in Hollywood, what it's like to try to break into show business.

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She's the star of Being Erica , but she crosses the border and being the star of Being Erica on CBC is the equivalent to having performed with the Scarborough Little Theatre; they don't care. Were there Canadians you felt you absolutely must speak to for this project?

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I didn't approach it that way because I think a lot of people have that idea that if you do a film about Canadians in Hollywood it's going to be William Shatner and whatnot. The first person to actually say yes to us was Martin Short, and the scheduling just didn't work out for him. But he did put us in touch with Alan Thicke and David Foster. Some of the people I had the most fun with aren't necessarily the biggest names in terms of public reaction, but I got to hang out with Ted Kotcheff and I was such a huge fan and his whole relationship with Mordecai Richler and the two of them sharing an apartment in London, England, and Mordecai writing Duddy Kravitz and handing each chapter to Ted, and Ted, who was directing live TV for the BBC, saying 'I'm going to make this movie.

He called me personally and said, 'I think this is a great idea for a film. I don't consider myself a Canadian in Hollywood. I still live in Montreal. The first interview we did was Monty Hall. We drove down to Beverly Hills and got there at 8 in the morning and Monty Hall comes out and I say, 'We'll be in and out and try to get this done in half an hour.

He said, 'Hold on. What time did you guys get up this morning? He said, 'We'll start the interview after everyone's had juice and some muffins' and he walks us into his kitchen and he's got juice and muffins and yogurt and coffee.

Canadian-American Relations

That's very Canadian, right? At the end of the interview with Ted Kotcheff he said, 'Well I'm going to throw some burgers on and crack some beers. I made the mistake of telling Howie Mandel, 'I'm a big fan and if you say something funny I'm not going to laugh because it'll mess up the sound,' and he just got this glint in his eye. A series of conferences followed, during which Newfoundland and Canada devised a joint defence strategy.

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Both countries agreed that Canadian troops would be stationed in Newfoundland, that Newfoundland forces would fall under Canadian command, and that Newfoundlanders could be recruited into the Canadian military. The Canadian army and navy would establish headquarters in St.

The years and saw the Canadians expand their bases in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Workers added to existing facilities at Gander and Botwood and installed entirely new airfields at Torbay and Goose Bay. From to , about 16, Canadian troops were stationed in Newfoundland and Labrador at any one time. Relations were generally good between local residents and the visiting Canadians, but some tensions did occur.

While many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians benefited from steady employment on the bases, they were paid less than their Canadian co-workers. A general perception of overcrowding in St. Posted by john on January 18, I have definitely seen advantage of having.

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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Center for Canadian–American Studies at Western Washington University, the author considers. America and the Canadian Presence. As the United States faces global challenges, how does Canada fit in?1. The late John Sloan Dickey was.

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